The Final Call

The Final Call

A Four Book Series

On 7 August 2010 the Lord spoke the following words to me:

I am going to reveal the "little book" of Revelation 10. This revelation is to prepare the hearts of My people, My chosen ones, and My Bride. My Bride will take it as the truth and will eat it like honey. Although it will be bitter in their stomach, they will see clearer and understand that I love them, and because I am a loving Father, I want to warn My children in advance, because I love them and I will never leave them or abandon them. I will quench your thirst and that of many others, those who called out for truth and revelations and secrets and much more.

I love My people. Tell them I am coming, time is very short. We are ready to come and get the Bride. The Bride must now come in line quickly. This book (Revelation 10, little scroll) will be one of the tools We will use to prepare the Bride. The book will awaken them, the book will shake them, the book will uproot them, the book will plant them. Yes, like Jeremiah, with the four negative and two positive functions [pluck, pull, destroy, break down, build, plant], so shall it be. The pure of heart will see and realise the truth. Only if you allow Me to purify you with fire you will see the truth. Only if you allow Me to pluck the weed from among your seed, will I be able to plant you and will you be able to grow and then, only then, are you ready to see My face and feast with Me and My Father. I only do and say what I see and hear My Father do.

Tell my Bride to wake up; "summer camp" is over. I want to cleanse and purify. Wake-up My Bride! Arise from your sleep and call for Your Bridegroom, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Everything is ready and set in its place. Come away with Me, come and dance with Me My Bride. Come out of Babylon and the false systems of worship. Go to your inner room, close the door, call on Me, cleanse yourself, wash yourself in My blood, then We will reveal Ourselves to you and prepare you for what is going to happen in the coming years.

Go tell My people I am coming, and that they need to prepare for it (sense the five wise virgins); otherwise I will come as a thief in the night. I love My people, My Bride, come and press into Me alone. Remove the idolatry you have in people among yourselves and turn to and focus only on Me. I am your destiny and I love you from eternity to eternity, My Bride.

If only you longed for Me, as I longed for You. But now I will start shaking, plucking, destroying false worship and idolatry, in order to plant an everlasting seed. I need to discipline those I love. I will do these things because I love you, and I know what is good for you. Trust in the Lord, with all you have and it will go well with you. Keep your focus on Me, the Lord, and I will direct your steps and make your path straight.

Arise My Bride, because I want to take you home. There are things your eyes have not seen and your ears have not heard. Those who have ears to listen, listen to what the Spirit is saying.

My people are stuck in licentiousness. Come out of sin and purify yourself. I do have grace, but there comes a time that the door of grace will be shut (sense the five foolish virgins) and you will not partake of the wedding feast and I will not recognize you.

If you want to get married to Me, you need to love Me and be intimate with Me. Is that not a simple concept for a basic love principle? I will marry those who love Me and obey Me. Like Rebecca who married Isaac. She did not see him beforehand, but she agreed to marry him and she was pure and beautiful, and gold and treasure were given to her. The riches will be given to My Bride. Those who overcome the systems of this time will be given great honour and riches. Come to Me, and come and sit at My feet. I will give you rest and I will teach you truth and love. Call on Me and I will save you and show you great things, things that are not yet revealed. My Bride, prepare yourself because I am coming quickly.

During the 3rd week of April 2011, I asked the Lord, "What about the book that You want me to write, Lord?", because other doors were opening for me and I was not sure when and where this book would fit in, and the coming of the Lord is soon. Would there be time to write a book?

On Friday 22 April 2011, as I went to wait on the Lord, in silence, just kneeling before Him, loving Him, He spoke and asked Me to get my journal and I started writing down everything He said to Me. While writing down He said that this was the book, and I needed to write down everything as He said it.

With this I want to ask you, the reader, the Bride of Christ, that if anything seems unclear, unreal or unbiblical, to please take that before the Lord and ask Him what is truth. Only the Lord can reveal the absolute truth to you, and He will reveal it to you, if you ask Him. Do you want to hear the truth from the Lord? If the Lord reveals something to you, it is set and no one and nothing can remove or change what the Lord reveals to you.

I am only a vessel He uses for this. I am just one of His foolish ones who are like a child before Him. I am only obedient in what the Father asks from me. I can only write down what the Lord said to me. Many times I was tested by the Lord. Many times He gave me difficult assignments to do, for He gave me boldness and courage to do it, but He also tested me to see if I would love Him and obey Him above all else. Would I listen to the Lord, in the midst of the church or ministry leaders standing up against me? I needed to trust only in the Lord, and to not compromise with the spirit of Jezebel.

To whom do you submit? The Lord or a human? The Lord is the one you should always ask first and wait for His confirmation. If you trust in man you can easily be deceived. For the Lord Jesus Christ is our only Head. Not many heads. One Head. Everybody else is the Body.

I am just a "voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the Lord; make straight His paths." (Mar. 1:3)